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Avicenna is an Integrative health center that aims for well-coordinated care. and institutions by bringing conventional and complementary approaches together to care for the whole person. We are the #1 IV & Ketamine therapy clinic in Chicago.

 In our IV and Ketamine Therapy Clinic in Chicago we provide advanced mental health care and offer a place for people to find relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. Avicenna help you feel better, using treatments like intravenous therapy, ketamine infusion and many other. Our holistic approach to healing, and dedication towards making your mental well-being our main focus stand us out from the crowd. Step into a world of hope and possibility, where we’re here to support your journey to better mental health.


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Our Services

At Avicenna, we provide innovative technologies. Please read about our main services below. 

Ketamine therapy Clinic

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine is a new treatment that helps treat an array of conditions including depression, anxiety, PTSD, amongst others. Learn how we can help with your hard to treat condition today. Avicenna Health, a leading healthcare institution in Chicago, provides cutting-edge ketamine therapy to people seeking an effective treatment option.

IV therapy

IV Therapy

We use a variety of medical and vitamin and mineral infusions to help target your specific needs ranging from dehydration to fatigue. Avicenna Health is your premier destination for IV Therapy in Chicago. Our clinic provides cutting-edge therapies to improve your general health, with a focus on detox IV therapy.

PRP Injections

PRP Injections

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections are gaining popularity and are used to treat a variety of conditions ranging from pain management to hair loss. Avicenna Health offers advanced PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) injections and therapy to promote natural healing and rejuvenation.

Physical Therapy

You’ve tried PT, but not like this. Our goal is to help you heal, not to keep you coming back for more. Avicenna Health an unparalleled physical therapy experience that combines expertise, innovation, and personalised care. We are dedicated to providing the best physical therapy services as a professional in the industry.

Clinical & Sports Massage

Get relief from chronic pain conditions, injury, or other conditions that disturb daily life. Avicenna Health provides exceptional sports massage therapy services designed to energise and invigorate athletes. We have a team of sports massage therapists to improve performance and speed up recovery.



Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections are gaining popularity and are used to treat a variety of conditions ranging from pain management to hair loss. Avicenna Health offers high-quality microneedling services, specialising in enhancing skin health and rejuvenation.

Metabolic Testing & Personalized Weight Loss Solutions 
VO2 metabolic testing is a cutting-edge tool that can revolutionize your approach to weight loss, anti-aging, and athletic performance optimization. By measuring your body’s oxygen consumption during exercise, this testing method provides valuable insights into your metabolism and overall fitness level.
For weight loss, VO2 metabolic testing helps determine your unique target heart rate zones for effective fat burning. By optimizing your workouts based on your individual metabolic profile, you can maximize calorie burn, enhance weight loss, and achieve your goals more efficiently.
In terms of anti-aging, VO2 metabolic testing uncovers your body’s efficiency in utilizing oxygen and energy during exercise. This information allows you to make lifestyle adjustments and develop personalized exercise plans that can slow down the aging process, improve cellular health, and enhance overall vitality.
Moreover, VO2 metabolic testing is a game-changer for athletes seeking to boost their performance. By assessing your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, it provides precise data on your body’s energy systems and helps determine optimal training intensities. This knowledge enables athletes to tailor their workouts, improve endurance, optimize recovery, and ultimately achieve peak athletic performance.
In summary, VO2 metabolic testing empowers individuals to customize their weight loss strategies, slow down the aging process, and maximize their athletic potential through data-driven insights into their metabolism and fitness levels.
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Ketamine is one of the most common modalities for treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, etc. Avicenna health, a leading healthcare institution in Chicago offers innovative medical treatment regarding ketamine infusion therapy for the patient care and well-being of their health. Unlike general anesthetics, ketamine has a wide variety of uses as instant relief. If you are curious about your options for pain management of these issues, you can visit us for better treatment options.


Living with chronic pain can be isolating and impossible to any work or function in daily life. It can be find difficult to find the perfect balance between managing your pain but there are many procedures to make this pain more bearable. In Avicenna health Chicago, our professionals are using innovative tools and techniques to make the patient health better and there past experience helps them to identify the pain more better for each individual patient.


It’s not simply used to eliminate physical pain, but it is very powerful for treatment of neuropathic pain, nerve pain or any particular disease.

  • This therapy can improve depression and anxiety symptoms within few hour.
  • It is very safe and effective treatment option with low side effects.
  • It is widely available with many clinics offering ketamine therapy
  • It is affordable compared to other anesthesia.
  • Solves wide variety of health issues including low self esteem, decreased sexual desires, etc.


At Avicenna healthcare, we aim towards patient health and care by seeking an effective treatment option in a budget friendly manner. With this commitment to maintain a proper hygienic environment with our friendly doctors and nurses with caring support to help patients regain their quality of life.

Avicenna health is a full package of integrative health center that aims for well-coordinated care among different providers and institutions by bringing modern approaches.

Avicenna Health in Chicago offers unique IV therapy by using different medical techniques and vitamin infusions to provide essential nutrients to your body by ensuring maximum absorption with immediate effects. The IV therapy also known as intravenous therapy which is a process of giving fluids, nutrition, medicine or blood directly into the blood stream through your vein.

Chicago is a city of business hub, fitness center, night clubs but apart from these things you have to stay hydrated with on-demand IV therapy with our medical professionals. Our doctors are very well known for IV therapy as they solve many patient issues of dehydration.

The intravenous therapy is used to administer nutrients such as minerals and vitamins directly into the bloodstream and this allows for high concentration of protein to be delivered to the body tissues.


Drinking enough water is important because it regulates body temperature, eliminate infections, keep joints lubricated and allow your organs to work the way they should. Hydration in human body is very important as it relates to our food we digest, urine, chronic diseases, dry mouth, feeling exhausted and many more.

Are you wonder if you have common cold or dehydration and you want instant relief with quick results?

How to get rid through serious hangover after consuming alcohol?

Hence, Avicenna health are there to solve your problems by offering IV therapy which no longer have to take countless antibiotic or multivitamins. Our professionals always suggest to drink 5 litre water at least in a day. This treatment is fast working in human body and developed nutrients, vitamin and medications to stay hydrated throughout the day.


At Avicenna health, we believe in providing quality and patient satisfaction. The IV therapy is a quickest way to provide essential nutrients to your body ensuring immediate effect and our professionals are well experience to treat this therapy. Another thing after infuse your body with nutrients it needs to be recover after a hard workout and stay hydrated for the next day.

It boost your immunity power and make your skin glow drip.

It enhances energy lift drop.

PRP are also referred as Platelet rich plasma injection which is used to treat wide array of health conditions such as hair loss and pain management. PRP injections can’t give every doctor. There will be special professional who is well experienced as it involves patient own blood which is processed for testing. It is also used to treat muscle pain, ligament and tendon injuries, fractures, etc. PRP INJECTIONS main aim is to deliver a large number of platelets to injured tissues to growth faster.


In recent years, doctors have learned that the body has the ability to heal itself and those natural growth factors your body uses to heal tissues. PRP injection use each individual patient own healing system to develop musculoskeletal issues.

Hence, Avicenna health is a gateway to the transformative world of PRP injection therapy with world class doctors in Chicago city. Our main motive is to develop the treatment of Platelet rich plasma by offering premium facility to our patients. They feel comfort and safety with our treatment and our professional are quite friendly in nature to discuss with their problems personally and resolve the issue. We also offer PRP injections therapy for hair loss.


Hair loss become common treatment in those days. Many women straighten their hair for good looks but after few years the front hair will end but it can be easily get rid of. PRP therapy is popular treatment to treat hair damage. In a recent study, 80 million people face hair loss issues in the United State while in Chicago the number is still almost same. Hence our professionals are striving hard day and night to treat this problem.

PRP INJECTION THERPAY is still used to help athlete bounce back from joint related injury.  The therapy injections also reduce inflammation and stimulate joint lubrication. Big athlete those who face stiffness in their leg or gymmer those who face leg workout issues can take prp injections to get rid of this issue.




PRP injections can be prepared on individual patient basis and we draw plasma blood which separates the different types of blood cells and create enriched plasma preparation of your own blood. The cost of prp treatment in Chicago $700 per injection.

Are you looking for physical therapy treatment with highly qualified professionals in Chicago? If this is the case then Avicenna health offers you unparalleled physical therapy experience that combines expertise, innovation, personalized care and dedicated towards providing best physical therapy services as a professional in this industry.

We offer treatment plans according to patient requirements and needs ensuring the best results with cutting edge technologies at Avicenna for performance improvement or rehabilitative therapy.


Our physiotherapists are experience in building the foundation of a strong and healthy body. Whatever the injury may be our professionals are discuss with patient and then provide a proper solution for it. Strong and stable core muscles can improve postures, prevent injury and enhance overall physical performance of the body.

In addition to improve body posture, strong core muscles can also help to prevent injury. Another benefit of core stability is enhance your performance such as athletic performance and reduce the fall of risk.

They practice different type of exercise that can be improve your body moment and posture including bridges, pranks, stability ball. By incorporating those fitness moments and exercises every individual can increase their healthy lifestyle.


At Avicenna health we evaluate and treat all types of orthopedic and neurological problems faced by a person. We treat all types of joint pain, back pain, knee pain, neuron surgery, etc by using effective tool for individuals of all fitness level and all age groups. If you want to enhance your recovery after workouts with incorporating foam rolling into your routine can be highly beneficial.


Neck pain is a common disease that affects many people in the whole world. The symptoms of neck pain are many such as severe, debilitating pain which impacts one quality of life. While there are various aspects of neck pain including potential culprit pinched nerve.

Common reasons of a pinched neck pain are as follows-

  1. Herniated disc
  2. Degenerative disc disease
  3. Poor posture
  4. Muscle imbalances
  5. Injury or Trauma

Do you want relief from athlete injury, chronic pain conditions or other injury which might disturb in your life?

Avicenna health offers exceptional sports and clinical massage therapy services designed to energize athletes. Our dedicated team of clinical and sports massage is there to improve performance and speed up recovery. Our massage sessions are customized uniquely according to requirement and goals, whether you are a professional athlete or a fitness freakier.

Our professionals have in depth knowledge regarding relief of muscle tension, improving blood circulation and stretching your body to the next level. In Chicago, Avicenna health ensures to give you full satisfaction and care to optimize your athletic performance. Our appointment are book from our official website by clicking on www.avicennahealthco.com and contact us for health checkup.


Our professional are perfectly designed for both individual as well as couples. We have separate room for ladies massage as individual and we are welcome couple massage for husband and wife. We massage using oil to your back and shoulder by fully clothed. Massage are great temptation to feel relax and light weight for couples and individuals. After a long hectic work everyone needs some relaxation and a good massage to feel calm and peace. Hence, our professionals make this dream true by doing clinical massage and spa.


There are many benefits of clinical and sports massage such as-

Recovery of injury

Our professionals in Chicago will give you perfect blend of massage and spa by using cutting edge of techniques to help you get back which including deep tissue massage, heating your muscles or icing your knee.

Improved flexibility

To increase your motion or flexibility you have to do daily stretching and manipulation techniques.

Reduction of stress

Our professional massage will give you immense pleasure to build up your tension free hectic day. We will give suitable massage which is perfect for you according to your needs and requirements.



At Avicenna health, our highly skilled therapists offer exceptional massage to your body by putting oil softly and gently to feel you relaxed and calm.


At Avicenna health Chicago, we offer you personalized approach to fulfill your specific needs. They take time to access and create a customized massage plan to provide the greatest benefit.



We have proven results of our patient feedback and opinions regarding chronic pain, improved flexibility and enhanced athletic performance.

This treatment is a cosmetic process used to treat production using small, sterilized needles to improve skin performance of scars, wrinkles, dark circles, acne, etc. The main aim of doing this treatment is to generate glowing skin and eliminate spots, dark circles, wrinkles, dust.


Avicenna healthcare Chicago offers you talking with professionals about ways to prepare for your schedule appointment. It’s recommended by our professionals to permanently remove all tiny particles from human body. During the procedure, the doctor typically moves the tool evenly across your skin and the time duration for this treatment is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Are you looking for micro needling treatment for eliminating acne scars? Apart from acne scars skin needling may be used for

Burn skin

Sun damage

Surgical scar

Stretch marks

Large pores

Our professionals are well experience to do this treatment and we find very positive output for this treatment and our patients are very happy with us. Our main motive is to find our client problems, discuss with them and give a proper suitable solution according to their situation.

Unlike other minimally invasive skin corrective treatments, such as laser therapy, it is consider as safe for darker skin tones. The reason behind this is it damages the outer layer of skin. It is well considered safe for thin and sensitive skin for women.


The approximate cost of micro needling treatment ranges from $200 and goes up to $700 per session and varies from skin to skin and person to person. It is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance. You can book appointment with our professionals and get a free consultation regarding your treatment. 


Avicenna’s Ketamine Therapy is a cutting-edge medical facility. To treat mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD, low doses of ketamine are administered. Even when other treatments have failed, Avicenna’s skilled staff provides compassionate care and individualized treatment plans to ensure the best outcomes.

A typical ketamine therapy session lasts approximately 60-90 minutes, according to Avicenna. Our dedicated professionals administer medication and closely monitor your response, ensuring your safety and well-being throughout the session.

Yes, at Avicenna Health we make safety a priority. Our medical experts administer ketamine therapy in a carefully controlled setting, ensuring it is safe and effective for our patients.

Avicenna’s IV therapy involves infusing essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. It promotes hydration, boosts energy levels, supports immune function and enhances overall well-being. Our team customises IV therapy to meet your specific needs and goals.

The duration of IV therapy sessions at Avicenna Health varies depending on your treatment plan and individual needs. Typically, the infusion takes about 30-60 minutes to complete, so you may experience immediate benefits.

At Avicenna, our PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) injections can effectively treat a variety of conditions including joint pain, tendon injuries and skin rejuvenation. Our skilled medical professionals use PRP to promote healing and tissue regeneration.

The number of PRP injections needed for best results depends on your specific condition and personal factors. Avicenna’s medical experts create personalized treatment plans, prescribing the appropriate number of injections to help you get the best possible results.

Avicenna’s sports massage therapy offers many benefits to athletes. It helps prevent injuries, enhance performance and speed up recovery. Our skilled sports massage therapists focus on relieving muscle soreness, improving flexibility, and promoting relaxation and overall wellness. We make your optimal athletic performance and recovery a priority.

Avicenna Behavioral Health provides the best mental health treatment in Chicago, offering innovative solutions such as ketamine infusion therapy. With a deep commitment to improving the lives of individuals struggling with various mental health conditions, Avicenna Behavioral Health provides a cutting-edge therapy of Ketamine infusion in Chicago, choose us for better health.

Innovative ketamine Chicago:

The most successful treatment for treating depression, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that has proven to be resistant to treatment in recent years is our innovative ketamine therapy. Those who have not responded well to conventional treatments can find hope with Avicenna Behavioral Health by using the potency of ketamine.

Avicenna Behavioral Health, which is situated in the center of Chicago, offers ketamine infusion therapy patients a secure and encouraging atmosphere. Every patient receives individualized care and attention throughout the course of their treatment thanks to the skilled team of medical specialists.

Ketamine infusion in Chicago, ketamine is to be given at a very controlled dose via injection into the body. The effect of this therapy is to target and counteract certain receptors in the brain, which leads to a rapid alleviation of symptoms and improved mood. Patients often report a significant reduction in depressive symptoms, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts after undergoing this innovative treatment.

Choose professionals for your mental health problem

The importance of a comprehensive approach to mental health treatment is recognized by Avicenna Behavioral Health. We offer more than just ketamine infusion services in Chicago, but we also provide a range of supplementary treatments such as Individual treatment, group therapy and medication management. The holistic approach would aim at addressing the unique needs of each individual and providing them with a sustained, healthy state of mind.


If you or a loved one is struggling with treatment-resistant mental health conditions in Chicago, Avicenna Behavioral Health is a beacon of hope. We’re transforming lives and offering a brighter future to people struggling with mental health challenges through our innovative Ketamine Chicago program and compassionate care. Contact Avicenna Behavioral Health now and begin the first steps to recover your mental well being.